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High Tea Menu

Afternoon Tea Selection

Our Afternoon Tea Selections include your choice of bottomless hot tea. All tea selection except High Tea is designed for one person.

High Tea for Two (served on a 3-tier stand)
Fresh scones with Devonshire cream and preserves (2) an assortment of tea sandwiches (8), savories (4), and desserts. $57.95

Gluten Free Afternoon Tea
A fresh gluten free scone with Devonshire cream and preserves, choice of 4 gluten free tea sandwiches, a gluten free savory, and sorbet or gluten free French macaroons. $31.95

My Lady's Respite - Traditional Afternoon Tea
A fresh scone with Devonshire cream and preserves, assorted tea sandwiches (Cucumber mint cream cheese, Egg salad supreme, Chicken tarragon,Pesto nut, Salmon mousse), mini quiches, and dessert. $27.95

The Duchess Delight - Afternoon Tea in England
A fresh scone wiht Devonshire cream and preserves, two each of Cucumber mint cream cheese and Egg salad supreme tea sandwiches, Quiche of the day, and dessert. $28.95

Louis XIV's Favorite - Afternoon Tea in France
A fresh scone with Devonshire cream and preserves, Chicken Parisian croissant, Ham & Brie sandwiches, Brie en croute savory, and dessert. $28.95

Venetian's Romance - Afternoon Tea in Italy
A fresh scone with Devonshire cream and preserves, assorted tea sandwiches (Goat Cheese with sun dried tomato, Pesto nut, Tomato basil cream cheese, Cucumber mint cream cheese), Fig mascarpone puff, and dessert. $27.95

Summer Regatta - Afternoon tea in California
A fresh scone with Devonshire cream and preserves, assorted tea sandwiches (Salmon mousse, Goat cheese with sun dried tomato, Chicken taragon, Turkey with cranberry), Mushroom tartlet, and dessert. $27.95

Mademoiselle's Creation - Afternoon Tea in the Garden
Mixed greens with seasonal berries and feta cheese, tossed in a strawberry vinaigrette, topped with toasted almonds and served with a fresh scone. $19.95
Add a serving of egg, or chicken $5.95

Lord William's Promise - Tea Sandwich Sampler
A lovely selection of eight delicious tea sandwiches and a mini sweet $22.95

Tea Time Trio - A light Afternoon Tea
A garden fresh salad, freshly baked scone, two tea sandwiches and two savories. $23.95

Queen Victoria's Cream Tea
A pot of tea served with your choice of two scones, or two crumpets, or a dessert. $17.95

European Cheese Plate & Tea
An assortment of three cheeses: Brie, Smoked Gouda and Blue cheese served with crackers, honey, and fruit. $19.95

Court Jester's Surprise - for Young Ladies and Gentlemen
(12 years and under)
Choice of tea, cocoa, lemonade or milk, peanut butter and jelly or cream cheese and jelly tea sandwiches, Pizza bites, Pigs-in-a-blanket, fruits, ice cream treat, and a mini sweet. $18.95

Side Dishes

Garden Fresh mixed green salad.$7.95
Soup of the day - 7.95
Tea Sandwiches (5) $10.95
Savories (5) $12.95
Savories Kids (Pizza bites and Pigs-in-the-blanket) $9.95
Quiche of the day $10.95

Tea Sandwich Selections
1. Cucumber mint cream cheese -  2. Egg salad supreme - 3. Ham & Brie - 4. Chicken tarragon - 5. Pesto nut  - 6. Salmon mousse - 7. Goat cheese with sundried tomato - 8. Turkey with cranberry - 9. Roman tomato basil cream cheese

Featuring Loose Leaf Teas
If you have any questions or wish to have recommendations our servers will be happy to help

Pure Black Teas
English Breakfast - hearty and robust
Darjeeling - floral and delicate known as the champagne of teas
Assam - rich and malty

Flavored Black Teas
Earl Grey floral - a wonderful Earl Grey with rose petals
Strawberry Darjeeling - Darjeeling with the sweetness of strawberries
Champagne Rasberry - Darjeeling with raspberry, cream and  champagne flavoring
Black Currant - rich aroma flavor
Vanilla floral - wonderful vanilla treat
Rose Garden - the finest black tea blend with rose petals
Butter truffle - almost like a butter cookie with hints of freshly
Masala Chai - authentic chai with milk and honey

Green Teas
Pure Green
Jasmin dragon pearls
- the most delicate and precious jasmin tea
Lemon Mint - sencha blended with lemon and mint

White Tea
White pomegranate - a lovely fragrance and delicate fruity taste

Decaf black tea and Herbal teas
Earl Grey decaf
English Breakfast decaf
Boysenberry - lovely taste of boysenberry
Watermelon berry - blended with essence of watermelon and berries
Sweet Peach - sensational peach flavor added to natural rooibos
Casablanca Chamomile -orange rind and rose petals added to fine chamomile flowers
Winter Solstice - a beautiful wellness herb tea blend that includes cranberry, pomegranate, apple orange, rose petals, star anisseed...it's a sensation for all your senses

* *We appreciate your understanding that there is a minimum of $15.95 per person and a 2 hour seating for all tables
*20% gratuity will be included for parties of six or more

Seating hours for the Tea Room:  
Tuesday - Friday  anytime between 11:00 am - 4:00 pm
Saturday and Sunday

11:00 am, 11:30 am
1:30 pm. 2:00 pm
4:00 pm
Reservations recommended

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